With mixing the charm of the stars of the past and unsettling irony of all-female group, Ladyvette, created a new vintage style of music; Classic 80s and 90s pop music with swing and theatrical interludes gives the authenticity to the group. Three beautiful actresses/singers decided to laugh in the face of crisis with strong creative opposition to the war and became always waned: Sugar, pepper and honey, three Dives, opposite of Divette. Ladyvette has participated in the movie “Radio Courtyard” directed by Francesco Bonelli. They have played in the prestigious Ronnie Scott’s Jazz Club in London; collaborated with the British designer Vivien of Holloway, who specializes in 50s clothes. Moreover they have collaborated with artists such as Chiara Civello, Renzo Arbore and Claudio “Greg” Gregori. For October 2015 they played in the Best Club of New York (the Birdland and Joe Pub). In 2016 they were in the cast of the TV drama “The Paradise of the Lord” on BBC1.

3 Members

Sugar-Teresa Federico
Pepper- Valentina Ruggeri
Honey – Francesca Nerozzi
Musical Director : Roberto Gori

Awards & Partecipation

Summer Jamboree
Dolce Vita Festival in Croatia,
The Roma Vintage,
Casa del Jazz in Rome,
The Micca Club,
Cotton Clubs, of Kino,
the Library of Cinema,
Fabrique du Cinema,

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