Radical Gipsy

The Radical Gipsy, namely Gabriele Giovannini and Daniele Gai on the guitars Giuseppe Civiletti on the bass, was formed in Rome in 2012, with a clear orientation towards the sounds of traditional manouche jazz pioneered by Django Reinhardt. Their path has developed between the Roman clubs and festivals, with important collaborations among one of which was with the French accordionist Ludovic Beier. Along with original compositions and traditional pieces, the trio brings to the stage even some modern songs arranged strictly in key of gipsy jazz.

3 Members

Gabriele Giovannini – Lead Guitar
Daniele Gai – Rhythm Guitar
Giuseppe Civiletti – Double Bass

Awards & Participation

JazzIT Fest 2015
Roma Fiction Fest 2015
“6 serate per 6 corde” 2015
Concerto per Radio Vaticana
Stazioni di Natale 2013
Festival Castel San Pietro “20 years in Blues”
T.R.I.P. 2014 @ Terme di Diocleziano
Vicoli del Jazz 2014
Golfinger 3″, Sky Tv
Festival Federico Cesi 2015
Dialuma 2015 @ Stadio di Domiziano

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