Lady Laura & Royal Swingers

Lady Laura, born in Palermo with American father and Sicilian mother, started her career when she was only 11. She joined the theater academy of the Teatro Biondo Stabile di Palermo and “company of young people”, in which she worked for eight years, conducted by masters such as R. G., L. Ronconi , Crivelli, C. Cecchi. In 2001 she won a poetry prize “new poets” with a collection titled “through” published by “Libroitaliano.” Nowadays she is part of an elegent swing band Royal Swingers. They create a rhytm that relives the extraordinary atmosphere of the age of Swing. They can play in formations ranging from duo piano and voice to the big 18 member band.

6 Members

LadyLaura (Voice)
Cat the Baron (Renato Gattone) (Contrabass)
Crazy August (Augusto Creni) (Guitar)
Alfred (Alfredo Romeo) (Drums)
The Lord of Brass, (Olimpio Riccardi) (Saxaphone)  

Awards & Partecipation

Migliore vocalità in “Musica Controcorrente”
Premio Mia Martini
Premio della critica al “Premio Bindi”
“Festival di Ghedi”.

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