The Red Wagons

The Red Wagons are one of the oldest and well-known Italian bands in Blues and Swing scene. Founded in 1998, the band draws its repertoire from the sounds and rhythms of the black R & B of the 40s and 50s with an explosive mixture of boogie woogie, jump blues, rock’n’roll and swing. Red Wagons offer the viewer an original, fun and addictive show. In 2004 they released their first official CD of the band, entitled “Ullallà Boogie”, and in 2012 the second recording project: “Jumpin ‘with friends”. Over the years they have gained numerous collaborations, records and have accompanied  international artists such as Mitch Woods, Junior Watson, “Sugar” Ray Norcia, “Sax” Gordon Beadle, Igor Prado, Lynwood Slim, Lil ‘Gizzelle, Herbie Goins, Deitra Farr.

6 Members

Marco MeucciVoice and piano

Alessandro AngelucciGuitar

Rox Marocchini – Tenor Sax

Simone CrinelliBaritone Sax 

Light PaloneContrabass

Carlo del Carlo – Drums

Stefano Barillà – Tenor/alto Sax.

Awards & Partecipation

Summer Jamboree,
Hep cats Festival (UK),
Vache de Blues (FR),
Breda Jazz Festival (NL),
Sierre Blues (FR),
Pistoia Blues,
Vintage Roots Festival,
Fano Jazz,
First prize for “migliore band ” – Ruffano Trend & Blues (2004)
Nomination in The Blast Music Award as the best cd of traditional blues – “Hard to Kill” with Lynwood Slim (2015)

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