I Carosoni

I Carosoni stand out in the Italian market because they have been able to reinterpret the playful and light spirit of the master, Renato Carosoni, with artistic sincerity and a good dose of self-irony. The band finds its roots in the 50s, when the father of Jazz was singing. I Carosoni become cult band, thanks to the numerous and exciting live performances, enriched by winking deja vu sound and musical inventions that were at the same time biting and funny. The talented six musicians create an amazing music that can be seen as an interpretation of the times of cabaret. They offer energetic and at the same time melancholic performance. 

6 Members

Alessandro Contini – Voce
Franco Santodonato – Trumpet & Flugelhorn
Luca Rizzo – Tenor Sax & Clarinet

Primiano Di Biase – Piano
Massimiliano Pischedda – Contrabbass
Francesco Bonofiglio – Drums

Awards & Partecipation

Ravello, festival internazionale di musica
Atina jazz fetival
Crosswing festival
Redentorswing festival

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