Fabulous Wood

The FABULOUS WOOD was formed in 2004 and in a few years they have become well known along the whole Adriatic coast, thanks to the multitude of live events they play at clubs around central Italy.
Their talent and repertoire (made of original compositions and reinterpretations of historical soul and rock-blues pieces) form an explosive mix that makes these young musicians one of the best bands in the industry. Their high quality sound and engaging charisma make each live show an experience. From ferrying the public on board the fabulous wooden electric guitar to the “music of the soul”.

5 Members

Rocco Ferri – Voice
Nicola Pomponi – Guitarra
Paolo Mazziotti – Bass
Nazareno Pomponi – Keybord
Luca Mongia – Drums

Premi & Partecipazioni

– Porretta Soul Festival
– Subiaco Rock and Blues Festival
– Green Hills in Blues
– Ameno Blues Festival
– Melizzano Festival
– Rock Wine and Blues Festival
– Pistoia Blues 2014
– 1 Maggio in Piazza Salotto a Pescara
– Giochi del Mediterraneo 2009

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