Dunia - Mama

Dunia – Addounia


Dunia, a term used in relation to the Earth and life itself among the ancient languages of the planet, is now used to refer to the unification of culture, music and friendship through this band of musicians. Assembled in 2015 from a mixture of migrants from different parts of the world and European musicians, the group is a meeting of souls, cultures, languages, instruments and musical styles. The energy and intensity of their music reflect their desire and hope of leading the world on a better path towards coexistence and sharing. The formation of the group began as a spontaneous idea by ethnomusicologist Antonio Bevacqua, President of Neilos and founder of the musical group of the same name, through a project called Migrant Music which aims to support and promote the musical culture of the immigrants and refugees arriving in Europe. After a decade of cultural and live concert activities the group has developed a willingness to meet musicians from every area of the world. The fundamental element of the whole project is the integration in all its forms. In January 2015 the band Dunia launched their first album, produced by Antonio Bevacqua and Andrea Fenu of Neilos and Maurizio Catania of Unnadarè and Neilos. Dunia combines a variety of voices and musical instruments from South Italy, Asia, Africa to offer the listener music of the world.

8 Members

– Ebrima Fatajo, Voice
– Endy Hantony, Voice
– One By Fall, Voice
– Bashir Hossaini, Voice and Dambora
– Toufic Koicelat, Voice and Darabuka
– Andrea Fenu, Voice, Tambourine and Percussion Instruments
– Maurizio Catania, Voice, Drums and Percussion Instruments
– Antonio Bevacqua, Voice, Guitars, Bouzuki, Colascione, Organetto, Bagpipe.

Awards & Performances

2016 Berlin Festival

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