About Us

A new innovative and active music talent agency located in Rome

Vision & Mission

Plus Music Events is a young company dedicated to providing and managing the musical aspects of your most important events. We do not only propose proven groups who have years of experience, but we are also committed to handling all the technical aspects to make your event a truly remarkable experience.
Vision, Mission, & Values

Our Vision & Mission

Our agency is constantly looking for new artists in order to provide our clients with a diverse range to choose from. It is important for us to propose musical groups that we know you can appreciate and who can add that something extra special to your event. Whatever the event it is.

Our Services

We have scoured the musical scene in Italy looking for groups with that something special which promises to make your event unique and unforgettable. We’ve seen countless shows and have many contacts in the field but the artists and musicians we propose are those that are able to offer professionalism, showmanship and an ability to engage the public in their passion for music.